B4M1: DIP8 ±20 dB Adjustable Inverting Audio Amplifier

This is a potentiometer adjustable inverting gain stage in a DIP8 footprint for convenient breadboard prototyping. The whole module only occupies the space of a through hole dual op-amp.

Price: £11 (PCB with SMT components installed, through hole components included), £20 (+ through hole components installed)

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me via enquiries@macalisterelectronics.com or via Twitter (@macco_electro).

Detailed Description~

The goal for this module was to implement an adjustable gain/attenuation stage that could be adjusted without a screwdriver, in the smallest possible footprint. This module implements an inverting amplifier with gain adjustable from -20 to +20 dB. The actual circuit is shown below.

The module fits inside a DIP8 footprint whilst still including a potentiometer with an integrated knob. Typically implementing this functionality on a breadboard with discrete components would involve using a DIP8 op-amp and a through-hole potentiometer next to it (plus some TH passives). With this module it can implemented within the same footprint as just the op-amp.

Details of the dimensions are shown below.